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  • Reduced transcription operating costs
  • Decline in personnel
  • No Equipment upgrades
  • Reduced investment in equipment
  • Focus on core competency
  • No Device / equipment maintenance
  • Pay for services as needed
  • Reduced overall administrative costs
  • Safety net for workflow situations
  • Compliance with changing laws

Why choose BIHS

  • 65 Keystrokes as 1 line, no gross count
  • No contractual obligation, use service as needed
  • 3 Step QA control. Transcriptionists,
         Proof readers and Editors
  • Every specialty covered under 1 roof
  • Qualified & experienced Team
  • 100% HIPAA compliant, secure file transfer
  • Turnaround time as per requirement
  • All In-House facilities
  • Custom templates as per your need
  • Free email, remote & phone support
  • Completely automated process

Business Transcription

BIHS can provide high quality and cost effective transcription of your business meetings, financial, conference calls, market research and much more.

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