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  • Reduced transcription operating costs
  • Decline in personnel
  • No Equipment upgrades
  • Reduced investment in equipment
  • Focus on core competency
  • No Device / equipment maintenance
  • Pay for services as needed
  • Reduced overall administrative costs
  • Safety net for workflow situations
  • Compliance with changing laws

Why choose BIHS

  • 65 Keystrokes as 1 line, no gross count
  • No contractual obligation, use service as needed
  • 3 Step QA control. Transcriptionists,
         Proof readers and Editors
  • Every specialty covered under 1 roof
  • Qualified & experienced Team
  • 100% HIPAA compliant, secure file transfer
  • Turnaround time as per requirement
  • All In-House facilities
  • Custom templates as per your need
  • Free email, remote & phone support
  • Completely automated process

Welcome to Blessings Infotech Healthcare Services


BIHS service frees you from having the large overhead of in-house transcription, and we can provide you our services no matter where your location is. BIHS strictly keeps all the customer information fully confidential, and secure, in accordance with HIPAA.
We utilize an internet 128-bit encryption, and hypertext transfer protocol technology, to transfer your files to a secure location that allows our team of transcriptionists to access your digital voice files and transcribe them into MS Word, WordPerfect or any file type of your preference.

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